Like the majority of new mummies I was anxious about our first holiday abroad to Crete with a 6 month old baby. I had heard so many horrible stories about babies crying lots on the plane during take off and landing due to ear pressure changes, babies not climatising well in new countries, babies not being protected from the sun enough etc.

Before we left for the airport, I had packed an enormous amount of things for Dillon, from clothes to toys to first aid kits to food pouches. I came back with over half of these unused.

On the flight I think I was more nervous than Dillon realised, he went with the flow and loved it. He never cried once. I think sitting on his Daddies lap for most of the way kept him chilled (I’m not a keen flyer) and we spent most of the flight playing and singing games to him. For the remainder of time he slept.

During the holiday there was not much difference in being away from home aside from the sun and heat when it came to looking after Dillon. As long as we didn’t go out during the day Dillon stayed happy. I did make even more of a conscious effort to breastfeed him more often to prevent dehydration. I also carried cooled boiled water in an Avent non drip cup for Dillon which he mastered after lots of trying to chew it.

As he just started solids, most of the time I gave him mashed banana, peach or pear from the hotel. I did take a few Ella’s Kitchen pouches which were handy for when we were out and about.

I made sure to put plenty of suncream on Dillon, plus a hat to protect him from the sun. Our buggy had a uv protective parasol which really helped block out the sun.

In hindsight there is no point in worrying too much about travelling with your baby, take it in your stride and it is never as bad as it in your head.

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