Why growing up with a dog is good for your baby 

 We’ve just come back from a week at my Dad’s where Dillon had the chance to bond and play with our family’s bulldog Nico.

Nico is the softest cuddliest of dogs, whose good nature and concern towards people makes him even more loveable.

I’m glad Dillon had the chance to bond with Nico, I think it’s important for children to grow up with dogs at home because:

  • Companionship. A dog will always be happy to see you and have all the time for you and your children
  • Being active. Having a dog in particular encourages the family to exercise by walking at least once or twice a day
  • Learning to feed and brush a dog teaches children to be responsible
  • A research project in Finland found that children who grow up around dogs have a lower risk of  allergies and asthma
  • Better health and stronger hearts
  • A best friend and happier children
  • Dogs love babies. It is claimed dogs become protective of babies when they cry as it sounds similar to the cry of a puppy
  • Dogs love children just as much as we do

No matter how loving your dog is towards your baby it is important to remember to never leave your dog alone with your baby. Despite how well trained your dog may be, you never know when it may revert back to its natural instincts if it becomes threatened for whatever reason.

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