Wash your teething troubles away

We have had a very long 24 hours. Dillon is teething and all day he had a high fever, around 38.5 degrees. Last night his fever hit 40 degrees so after my Husband spoke to 4 different people on the phone (via NHS 111) we had an appointment with the hospital doctor at 3am – who diagnosed that Dillon’s fever could be linked to teething, or a uti. 

We’re all pretty sure Dillon’s temperature is teething related – he has no other symptoms and even at 1.30am is full of energy and crawling around the living room. His tooth is clearly visible under his gum. 

Tips we have learnt on easing teething symptoms:

  • Keep teething rings in the fridge to help soothe sore gums
  • Teething powder works wonders on some babies over teething gels
  • Highly recommend Ashton’s and Parsons teething baby. Hint, try rubbing some of the powder into your baby’s gum to ease the itchiness and pain 
  • If your baby develops a fever, keep them cool by wearing fewer layers. Calpol has helped lower Dillon’s fever, although only for 3 or so hours before it rose back up. I found keeping him in his nappy, well hydrated and distracted has helped keep his fever down
  • Be wary of using fans and cold flannels to cool your baby down. Sometimes if you cool your baby down too quick their little bodies can go into shock 
  • And just use your judgement. No one knows your baby better than you ūüėÄ

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