Feeling vulnerable as a first time parent

This week Dillon, who is 9 months this weekend, had a temperature of 38 during the day which escalated to 40 in the evening. Our first thought was oh no, not another urine infection.

Calpol didn’t really help bring Dillon’s temperature down that much, and only really worked for two hours a time. The night doctor who saw us at the hospital at 3am advised us to continue with the calpol and take a urine sample to our family GP in the morning.

So that morning we took Dillon to see a new GP at our doctors surgery, and after testing a sample of Dillon’s urine, he confirmed he had another urine infection, and we have another antibiotic (Cephalexin) for a week. You might already know Dillon has urine reflux and is on long term antibiotics (Trimethoprim) for this, since 5 weeks old. Our fear of his reflex getting worse by this infection is now real – we have to wait until October to see the paediatrician at the hospital and find out if this had led to even further damage to his kidney.

It really is horrible seeing your baby ill and uncomfortable. It makes it even harder that they can’t tell you what is wrong or where it’s hurting. All Harv and I can do is make sure Dillon drinks plenty of water and milk (I am breast feeding) and try to feed him freshly home made purees when he is hungry.

You can’t help but feel guilty when your baby is poorly, and end up asking yourself so many questions. Is it my fault? Could I have prevented it? Can this cause further health problems in the future?

I know Dillon is going to be fine, a few days later and his temperature is almost back to normal and he’s back to his crawling towards the DVD player cheeky smiling self.

It’s times like these when you realise how vulnerable you are as a parent. All you can do to comfort your baby is give them lots of cuddles, love and make them smile. You end up acting on your gut instinct and somehow just know what to do (no matter how terrified you might me but never show it) #dontworrymummy

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