Every parent of a child with eczema knows how irritated their baby can become with the need to constantly scratch that itch.

For the past four months, Dillon’s eczema has progressively been getting worse – spreading from his face and arms to all over his body. Four trips to the doctors (plus a dermatologist), and I’ve finally found a moisturising routine using only natural products which are working for his skin.

Each doctor prescribed a different treatment: Diprobase, Doublebase, Epaderm and Fucidin cream. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Fucidin – it’s an antibiotic hydrocortisone cream. I am wary of using Fucidin on Dillon’s delicate baby skin, due to the well reported side effect that the cream can make the skin thinner. So after many hours spent researching baby eczema, and a bit of trial and error using various creams (the prescribed creams tended to make Dillon’s skin drier and itchier), I ditched them all and now moisturise Dillon’s skin with organic coconut oil and a natural shea butter based cream. Amazingly, using just these two natural products improved his eczema within 48 hours. A week later and the eczema on his face has pretty much disappeared!

Dillon's eczema before and after using coconut oil
Dillon’s eczema before and after using coconut oil

I also add a few drops of Aveeno Oil to Dillon’s bath (making sure not to get the water in his hair – the greasy hair look really doesn’t suit him!). Aveeno oil is full of natural skin softening oatmeal goodness.

This is just the combination of products that work for us. No baby’s skin is the same and will react differently to prescription creams and natural products. It may take time and lots of testing with different creams and ointments before you find the one that works for you and your baby, so lots of patience is needed. For infected areas of eczema, using an antibiotic based cream such as Fucidin is important to use. Using a moisturiser or emollient alone isn’t strong enough to treat the inflamed skin. None of the first three doctors we saw explained this, and therefore I used Diprobase alone on Dillon, only to find that the eczema was getting worse!

This is the combination that works for Dillon’s skin:

  • Eating healthy with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Keeping well hydrated with lots of water and breastmilk
  • Making sure Dillon’s nails don’t grow too long, as he will cut his skin if he scratches (and I don’t want this to lead to further infections!)
  • Washing all of Dillon’s clothes and bed linen on a high heat with non bio products
  • Using a few drops of Aveeno oil in his bath. I alternate this with Halos N Horns Baby Bath – which is also SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) and paraben free
  • Keeping Dillon’s skin moisturised throughout the day. I rub Allergenics Cream all over Dillon in the morning as it is 100% natural and contains aloe vera to soothe sore skin, shea butter and vitamin E to help hydrate the skin. The cream is quite thick and can leave a ‘waxy’ layer on his skin if applied too thickly, so I only use it once in the morning
  • To help lock the moisture in his skin, I use Kokoso Coconut Oil to massage into his skin twice a day. I tested a few coconut oils and Kokoso gets my top marks. Unlike some other coconut oils Kokoso isn’t greasy, and doesn’t have an overpowering scent. I like the fact you can literally see the oil melt into his skin, which is left beautifully soft, smelling lovely and most importantly keeps his eczema under control
  • This daily moisturising routine, means your baby has a lovely massage every day, which not only helps to treat the eczema, but also helps them to relax and is a great way to spend time creating a bond between mummy and baby!

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