Last week Dillon had his development review with the health visitor at our local midwife centre. The 10 – 12 month review is seen as important by the NHS to assess how your child is progressing, plus it provides us with the chance to ask any questions or address any concerns health and development wise.

To prepare for it, I was sent a short 5 page questionnaire to complete assessing Dillon’s motor, language and general communication skills. The questionnaire is standard by the NHS across the country, questions may vary according to your local health service.

Out of 10, I had to mark Dillon on his:

  • Ability to point at objects he wants
  • Expressing feelings and affection
  • Babbling
  • Standing flat on his feet
  • Walking, or taking steps holding onto furniture
  • Good at the pincer grasp
  • Enjoy finger food
  • Check height and weight

You’ll need to take your red book along with you to the appointment for your health visitor to update. Your health visitor should also speak to you about the next set of injections at 13 months.

Dillon being his cheeky self, decided to sleep for the entire duration of our hour appointment, so I had to answer all the questions such as can he stand flat on his feet – the health visitor would usually observe your child in action and assess accordingly.

The whole appointment usually takes around an hour. I found the appointment quite useful as it provided me with the opportunity to ask questions about his health, diet and teething concerns. It’s not often us parents have a one hour one-to-one with a health visitor about our child so definitely worth taking advantage of šŸ™‚





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