We made it! 12 months of breastfeeding my little boy. Every breastfeeding mum deserves a medal for that right? 

Deciding to breastfeed Dillon was never really a question for me, I knew long before he was born that I was adamant to feed him myself. I don’t have anything against formula, breastfeeding is purely  personal preference. 

Breastfeeding wasn’t easy after he was born. We stayed in hospital a night longer – I fully took advantage of literally having the ward to myself with a midwife around to help me to latch Dillon properly. 

Nothing prepared me for the toe curling pain when the milk comes in after colostrum. Or the thought I might have mastitis (yikes that was worrying and painful). Thankfully persisting with hot compresses and massages for a few days ensured I avoided antibiotics!

For the first few weeks whenever Dillon fed, I tried to use the wide-open-mouth-nose-to-the-nipple-technique and hey presto, I had breastfeeding fully mastered!

A year later and we are still going strong. I can’t believe how easy it has been and just how convenient it is – even more so after overcoming my fears of feeding in public. Now I just don’t care where and when I feed him – my baby has every right to feed as much as anyone!

Breastfeeding award milestones: 

  • Bronze – 3 months
  • Silver – 6 months
  • Gold – 1 year
  • Platinum – 18 months
  • Diamond – 2 years

Not really aiming to achieving a certain milestone, I’m leaving it to Dillon to self wean. I know the longer I continue to breastfeed, the bigger the health benefits to both Dillon and I. It’s a win win for this mummy! (And any other breastfeeding/expressed breastmilk mummy)!

2 thoughts on “The golden boobie awards

  1. Well done, that really is a milestone! I just finished breastfeeding my first after one year. It took eight long weeks of expressing before baby would latch but I kept at it because breastfeeding just seemed so convenient. I’m glad we did, but one year was long enough for me – I’m glad to be able to wear underwire bras and eat dairy products again. Shallow but true, haha! Good on you for celebrating one year in the breastfeeding biz 🙂

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