Like most women, even before I was pregnant with my son Dillon, I found myself googling so many different “symptoms” – if you’re like me then you’ll know the frustration of pms and pregnancy having very similar symptoms. And even more the disappointment of not being pregnant after trying when that dreaded period arrives.

Reflecting back, there are a few symptoms which were a dead giveaway I was pregnant (but totally oblivious to) – such as the need to put peanut butter in muesli, and pretty much on everything.

Not every woman experiences the same early pregnancy symptoms, and I thought I’d share mine with you. Excess saliva and wanting to spit all the time was a new one to me!

So here were the 10 earlyish (around 4-5 weeks) pregnancy symptoms I experienced:

  1. Blocked stuffy nose
  2. Tiredness. Literally walking around a shop I needed to sit down
  3. Stomach ache – you know that feeling after you’ve done too many sit ups – that kind of dull ache
  4. Period cramps – I could have sworn my period was imminent, with usual mild back ache too
  5. Mild wave of nausea used to wash over me whenever I ate anything
  6. Excess saliva and feeling the need to spit all day long
  7. So hungry all the time; my appetite was insatiable
  8. Cramps in the lower right side of my abdomen, sometimes felt like pulling – I later learnt this was round ligament pain which is common in pregnancy as your womb adjusts and grows to accommodate your baby
  9. Feeling the need to vomit whenever I brushed my teeth – this was a real nightmare when it came to morning sickness. Brushing your teeth stimulates your gag reflex – brushing your teeth before you eat might help
  10. Food didn’t taste quite the same. This was from about 3/4 weeks pregnant

All of these above symptoms I had before taking a (positive) pregnancy test the week after I missed my period. See ladies, some of these symptoms are so easy to overlook and confuse with a forthcoming period. But the need to gag brushing my teeth is definitely not a period symptom!

I hope this helps save some of your “am I, aren’t I pregnant?” frustration. Remember no two women have all the same symptoms, and some (like my lucky sister) have hardly any symptoms whatsoever!


4 thoughts on “10 early pregnancy symptoms

  1. So interesting that our bodies know better than a pregnancy test! In my last pregnancy I had no doubt I was, despite doing 4 negative tests over the course of a week before I finally got the positive I was waiting for. I knew because I had the stuffy nose, extreme hunger and was weirdly emotional 🙂

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