Here we go again. Half way through my second pregnancy and still feel shocked I forgot what morning sickness and pregnancy aches were like the first time around.

Naturally you compare each pregnancy, so here’s 10 common differences between your first and second pregnancies:

  1. Early pregnancy symptoms
    Pregnancy 1: The first obvious symptom for most is a missed period. Am I/am I not pregnant? Should I take a test? In my case this was accompanied along with a mild wave of nausea which went over me every time I ate anything
    Pregnancy 2: No one prepares you for out of whack periods after having a baby. Irregularity = when the hell am I ovulating or due a period next? Not knowing I was pregnant until almost 2 months along – ahhh so thats what those period like pains were! Surprise! 🙂
  2. Nausea
    Pregnancy 1: Oh boy the nausea first time was almost incapacitating – daily vomiting (nice!) for 10 weeks until week 14 was horrific. No I can’t eat anything incase it comes back up. The joy!
    Pregnancy 2: Woohoo! Hardly any vomiting this time around, just a 24 hour feeling of am or aren’t I going to be sick? Not sure which is worse, actually being sick or feeling on the verge of it all day long for 4 months. 2nd pregnancy nausea has been much harder to deal with (I blame sheer exhaustion with chasing after an energetic toddler)
  3. Showing early
    Pregnancy 1: Luckily with stronger stomach muscles and abs you don’t necessarily show until later (the stronger the muscles, the more they hold your growing bump in – well according to my midwife anyway!) so I managed to hide my pregnancy until almost 6 months first time around
    Pregnancy 2: Woah why do I look 6 months pregnant at 4 months? Thanks to already stretched stomach muscles the joys of looking more pregnant than you are…makes hiding it soooo much harder!
  4. Feeling pressure on the uterus
    Pregnancy 1: You may be one of the lucky ones who don’t feel any pressure on the uterus until the third trimester
    Pregnancy 2: Uncomfortable doesn’t even come close! Ouch ouch you may find yourself asking is that the baby I can feel from 4 months bearing down on my uterus? Yes again that’s due to pre-stretched muscles being softer. MUST-REMEMBER-TO-DO-PELVIC-FLOOR-EXERCISES-DAILY
  5. Need to pee all the time
    Pregnancy 1: If you have a strong pelvic floor, you may be lucky not to need to pee several times in an hour during the last few months of your pregnancy
    Pregnancy 2: Whats this?! At 5 months pregnant and you’re waking 3/4 times a night already! Hello broken sleep for the next few months
  6. Sheer exhaustion (and inability to concentrate)
    Pregnancy 1: Tiredness in the first few months as your body gets used to the flood of new hormones – easily manageable with a nap here and there
    Pregnancy 2: NO such things as napping when you need it. You feel exhausted almost all day long  – especially running around after a toddler child = forgetfulness!
  7. Analysing everything
    Pregnancy 1: The education phase – what’s that I feel in my tummy? What fruit or veg does my baby resemble now? You can’t help but read, research and talk about every single teeny tiny niggle felt
    Pregnancy 2: You think you know it all by now. Plus there’s the “I don’t even have time to drink a cup of hot tea let alone 5 mins to read anything”
  8. Cravings
    Pregnancy 1: Peanut butter in your muesli? Omg I must have a BLT or steak RIGHT NOW! NOTHING else comes close!
    Pregnancy 2: Cravings where are you?! Nope nada so far, it all feels very uneventful
  9. Preparation for the birth
    Pregnancy 1: You attend several antenatal classes, research pain relief and birthing techniques plus your birth plan is all good to go – you might be one of the lucky few whose labour follows your plan
    Pregnancy 2: You can’t be bothered to attend an antenatal class, you already know it all. After all what could change with the NHS since the first pregnancy? You know exactly what to expect second time round, you either embrace it or plan as many drugs as possible (that’s my plan for sure!)
  10. Clothes 
    Pregnancy 1: You spend ages shopping and updating your maternity wardrobe to compliment your growing baby bump to see you through the final two trimesters
    Pregnancy 2: You don’t really couldn’t give a toss what you look like half the time. Yes I’m covered in baby food, so what?! Who knew maternity fashion changes so much within a year?!


















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